Monday, November 17, 2008

Thankful that Christmas is almost here...

Today it began. I took down all my indoor fall decorations. I threw away the semi rotten mini pumpkins from the dining room table. I put away all the other decorations placed around the house. Outside I put the pumpkins in the burn pile. I took down my big fall wreath from the door. THEN today I started decorating for Christmas!!! So far, I only have my nativity scene put up and a couple of snowmen out and a wreath on my door. My snow village will come later this week as will the two trees that I'm putting up this year. I also bought really neat outdoor trees in pots for my front porch! I got them last year after Christmas so they were really cheap! I can't wait to get them out. ALSO we bought lights for the house, but with Brent being on outage(he works at the nuclear plant) we may not get those up this year. He only has Sundays off right now and he's on nights as of tonight, and that wears him out. So we may not get them up this year.

I am so thankful that Christmas is almost here. I love this time of year. Everyone seems to be a little bit nicer. There's a nice nip in the air. And this year it means we are so close to bringing Paxton home!

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Micah and Sunny said...

I'm loving these posts...keep em' coming. They are positive and upbeat and that is what I am needin' when I come on over to your blog every day.

You are ahead of the game getting all your Christmas stuff out right now, way to go!