Monday, August 20, 2012

Annual First Day of School: Operation Clean Kids Rooms

This is the before picture of Naia's room.  Pretty sure the Prez should have declared it a national disaster.

This is the other wall.....drawers open; clothes spilled out; art supplies abunduntly out of place.

This is her closet.  Yeah.  No explanation needed.

And this is after at least 2 hours of work.  2 full trash bags later.  A huge pile for goodwill and another huge pile for the consignment store and a mountain of dirty laundry later!

And this is her now neat closet.  With significantly less clothing that before!

I did clean Paxton's room as well. It only took me a little while and sadly I did not even get to Xavier's room!  There's always tomorrow! And neither of their rooms need before and after pics!

First Day of 3rd and 6th Grade

sweet kiddos.  Off to school!  Well except Paxton. He doesn't go until tomorrow.  Then our year really begins!