Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Normal

Tomorrow school starts again! Yay! Only about 9 weeks of school left. I can't wait until summer this year. VBS is the first week of June. Then Xavier gets to go to church camp this year for the first time. Then we're going to Florida with my family for a week! And the most important, we get to finalize Paxton's adoption.

We've had a pretty good weekend. We had family over on Saturday night. Then today for lunch went over to our neighbor/good friends house. It was nice to just get to hang out with them.

Tonight after church we went out to DQ. I really like their food, BUT a few years ago, we saw a mouse in there and I have only eaten there once since then! I know it's been about 2 years, BUT that is NASTY!!! I'm sure other places have rodents, but I've never seen them! What I can't see, can't hurt me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are all well at the moment! No more pneumonia or impetigo.

Spring break has been good. The kids have been sleeping in until abbout 8. I'm sure it's from pure exhaustion, but I'll take it!

Sunday my mom and I left to take Naia and my neice Kailie to Dallas for an American Girl weekend. We had a lot of fun. We stayed in the Westin hotel right in the Galleria mall! Perfect! We didn't leave for 2 days! We went shopping for new babies and clothes and accessories and then we had lunch with the dolls.

The kids and I cut our trip short b/c of a death at our church. We had a boy in our youth group drown in the lake here. I got a phone call Sunday evening that it had happened and that they couldn't find him. Several hours later, they pulled his body from the lake amidst many people from our church and from the father's work. He was pretty close to our kids even though he was a teenager. Having to tell Xavier and Naia about it was really hard. Poor little Naia just kept saying I just wish Matthew didn't have to die. His funeral was yesterday. It was so sad. I know that God has bigger plans than we will ever know, but a life cut so short is so sad. Last night at church in our children't department the county Chaplin came and talked to the kids and they did a balloon release. It was really neat.

I hope that everyone is enjoying Spring break. It's supposed to storm here starting tonight and all through tomorrow and then we may get some SNOW on Saturday. How crazy would that be?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Germs LOVE us...

We just cannot keep everyone well around here. Just when it seems like we're finally getting a clean bill of health, something new and exciting comes up! Friday Naia came home from school with some bumps on her face. Nothing major, just looked kind of like a couple of pimples. I didn't think too much about it. By Monday, one of the bumps was pus filled and had popped and was crusty. Making me think, oh great, chicken pox. But this morning it was slightly better, and there were no new bumps, just the same few from Friday. And her nose was irritated with a bump or sore in there, but Naia is a major nose picker so again, just thought she had irritated it.

Last night Brent came home from work feeling sickly. We've heard the flu is going around here, so we thought, flu. This morning I made him an appointment. We go in and they do a flu test. have you ever had a flu test? That was painful just to watch and know what was happening. They still a mascara brush looking thing up into your nose until "you meet resistance" then twist it a few times. Ouch. Then they drew blood. Flu test came back negative. Thought it might be tonsilitis, but nothing going on there. So they decide to do a chest x ray. Brent has bronchial pneumonia. How in the heck did he get that???? While I'm waiting on Brent to get his xrays done I talk to the doctor about Naia. He said, go get her from school, that sounds like chicken pox. SO I go get her and bring her back and it's not chicken's impetigo. YUCK. Again, how?

Our house must be a breeding ground for germs! I called our housekeeper, who is also a good friend, and told her not to come anywhere near our house today! Her daughter is having surgery this week and I didn't even want to risk them getting any germs from our house! Poor Naia is missing her St. Patrick's Day party at school today. She will also most likely miss her Team Kid party at church tomorrow night. Although by then she will have been on antibiotics for 24 hours, so we'll see what the pharmacist says about being contagious still. Poor baby. Of all weeks for her to be sickly. And Brent missing work again is never a good thing. He'll miss at least today and maybe even tomorrow. He can't even sit up for very long without getting really weak and sickly. Our house might as well be called the infirmary!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

First Overnight Trip

This weekend we went on our first overnight trip with Paxton. We went to visit my parents in Mena. He did really great on the 2 hour trip there. And he did really great being in a different house with different people. I just wish he had done as well sleeping that night. He went down about 10 which is 2 hours late for him, but didn't stay asleep long. He fussed and tossed and turned all night long. Finally about 2:30 I gave him another bottle and he finally slept from about 3 until 6. But then he was up and rearing to go! Needless to stay, that combined with the time change, I am exhausted. It's definitely going to be a semi lazy day at our house today.

I've also started leaving Paxton in nursery at church in the mornings. He's doing really well. I leave them with a bottle to feed him and he does fine. It's really helped I think with him feeling better to start leaving him a little, so that he knows we will always always come back for him.

He is also walking really well! He's starting to let go more and more. Yesterday he took a whopping 17 unassisted steps!

Naia is doing really well in preschool. She's is struggling a little with recognizing he letters. I'm sort of glad though, b/c maybe she won't be bored out of her mind in kindergarten next year like Xavier was b/c he already knew everything that they were teaching for the longest time.

Xavier is also doing great! He is such a loving little boy, but he is definitely coming to the age of irritating your sister just for fun! He loves to cuddle but is sadly starting to think he's too big for it. He is doing really great in karate. Xavier loves to read. He reminds me so much of myself b/c he could just sit for hours and just read. He is truly a child after my own heart!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So things are improving. It's taken us three weeks to get Paxton back! Happy, playing in the floor alone Paxton! He still doesn't like me to leave the room, but now he just cries a few minutes and follows me to where ever I'm at or he just goes on with whatever he was doing. At this very moment, he's in his room in his bed, crying it out at naptime, b/c he refuses to sleep longer than 45 minutes or so, and that's just not going to cut it when before he got sick he was sleeping nearly 3 hours! It throws his whole day off if he doesn't take a good nap and we've got a long night tonight.

I've really loved reading about the Nimmo's traveling this week to pick up their sweet baby. It seems like so long ago that we were there seeing/meeting Paxton for the first time. I can't wait to see everyone else traveling to pick up their new additions really soon!!!

I've been wanting to try some new recipes lately! Only thing is, my family is pretty much full of picky eaters! But if you want some great new recipes check out they're awesome!! I'm actually going to try her Bunco Buns this month at our Bunco night at church! I'm also going to make her Butterfinger cake for Brent soon!

Hope you have all have a great week!