Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Shack

I just finished reading The Shack by William Young. Chelle recommended it and it was a great book! Instead of trying to tell you all about the book I'm just going to use a quote from Michael W. Smith and two parts of the book that really hit home with me. I very high recommend this book!

"The Shack is the most absorbing work of fiction I've read in many years. My wife and I laughed, cried, and repented of our own lack of faith along the way. The Shack will leave you craving for the presence of God." Michael W. Smith

(This is Papa(God) responding to a statement made by Mack(the main character) regarding Who God is.)
"Mackenzie I am what some would say 'holy, and wholly other than you.' The problem is that many folks try to grasp some sense of who I am by taking the best version of themselves, projecting that to th enth degree, factoring in all the goodness they can perceive, which often isn't much, and then call that God. And while it may seem like a noble effort, the truth is that it falls pitifully short of who I reall am. I'm not merely the best version of you that you can think of. I am far more than that, above and beyond all that you can ask or think."

This next one really showed me in pretty simple terms why God, the God who created the universe, would love me. Would choose me. Again it's a conversation between Mack and Papa. Mack asks "Why me? I mean why Mackenzie Allen Phillps? Why do you love someone who is such a screw up? After all the things I"ve felt in my heart toward you and all the accusations I made, why would you even bother to keep trying to get through to me?"
"Because that is what love does," answered Papa. "Remember, Mackenzie, I don't wonder what you will do or what choices you will make. I already know. Let's say for example, I'm trying to teach you how not to hide inside of lies, hypothetically of course," she said with a wink. "And let's say that I know it will take you forty-seven situations and events before you will actually hear me- that is, before you will hear clearly enough to agree with me and change. So when you don't hear me the first time, I'm not frustrated or disappointed, I'm thrilled. Only forty-six more times to go. And that first time will be a building bridge of healing that one day, that today, you will walk across."

The book really makes you think about how you view God and what you really feel about and know about God's personality and His love for his people. Read the book. Then tell others about it! www.theshackbook.com

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tragedy in the Christian music world


That is a link to a story about Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter's death. How horribly sad for their family. Our prayers go out to them tonight.

On a much lighter note, I was very glad of the votes on American Idol. For the first time ever, I voted. Although as of right now, I'm yet to see the final performance since our DVR quit recording right after it began.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Naiabean

Our baby turned 4 this week. She's stubborn and sweet. She can't ever make up her mind. She loves HSM. She loves to sing and perform. She loves to try being one of the boys. She's terrified of frogs. She's pretty sweet when she's not feeling well. She's our gift from God. She loves to get into bed with us. She's independent. She loves her brother. She loves her daddy. She loves Skillet and Lulu. She calls me dummy and it's all I can do not to laugh while I'm telling her it's not nice to call people names. She loves to help in the kitchen. She loves mac & cheese and "plan" pizza. She will almost always choose milk to drink over anything else. She loves to dress up like a princess. She likes flip flops and dresses. She loves to watch Tom & Jerry. This little girl is truly a blessing from above. I'm blessed to be called her mommy. (even at midnight)