Friday, November 21, 2008


Today I am thankful for my mom and dad. (again for my mom) When I was 13 my soon to be stepdad threw me a huge birthday party. Before the party that night, I got a present from my parents. The cutest sweetest red miniture dachshund. Ruby. Oh she was sweet. When I got married and moved out, Ruby stayed with my parents, thus becoming my mom's dog. She complained about Ruby all the time! BUT she also spoiled her rotten. Last summer Ruby started having problems with her back. She started taking steriod shots to help her be able to walk. They put off putting her to sleep b/c the shots were working. A couple of weeks ago, she started having problems again. And the shot didn't work this time. My parents made the decision that if this didn't work, they wouldn't do it again. She was in pain. She couldn't walk. She could barely eat or get out of her bed. So today my parents had her put to sleep. She's been in our family for 13 years. A long time for a little dachshund. She was buried in our backyard next to her "boyfriend". He died several years ago. I am a little sad today b/c of this. I'm so thankful for my parents who took such good care of her. And let her be in peace today. They buried her in the backyard with a brick headstone.

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Butch and Tracy said...

Saying good bye to a pet is so hard. They are a part of your family. They are loved so much. Sorry for your loss. It is great to have such wonderful parents isn't it.