Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Xavier

Tomorrow my baby turns 10 years old. It's SO hard to imagine that 10 years has gone by already. It just doesn't seem possible. I don't have any digital baby pics of him, SO all the pictures will be recent. I laugh all the time, because this son of mine is definitely his mothers child. He loves to read. He loves to explore. He loves animals of ALL kinds! He has a heart for the Lord and that is truly an answered prayer. Xavier has such a tender heart and is so caring and sweet. Last week during visiting our cousins new baby, he and Naia actually argued over who would get to hold Claire again! He loved that little tiny baby SO much. He was so excited when Naia was born and yes we do have normal sibling issues, BUT he would still do just about anything for his sister. And when he would just about anything for Naia, he would do anything for his brother! There's a picture where he's just looking down at Paxton in the airport from coming back from Korea and the love on his face is amazing. I've never known another little boy to absolutely love a little brother like he does his. Sitting here typing this makes me think of how fast the past 10 years have gone and how fast I know the next 10 will go as well. It's so sad! He still loves to cuddle his momma and daddy and doesn't mind at all if we hug or kiss him goodbye at school! Xavier is ALL boy. He likes to think right now that he's so grown up. I look at him sometimes and just imagine the teenager he will be or the young college student he will be before I know it. Happy Birthday Xavier! I love you so much!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Paxton!

Today marks 2 years since sweet Paxton was placed in our arms forever! What a two years it has been! He loves singing Jingle Bells. He loves playing with his brother and sister. They dote on him SO much, that sometimes I have to get on to them for babying him SO much! He is such a blessing to our family and we love him "too" much. (When you ask Paxton how much does Mommy love you, his reply is "Too much Mommy!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A conversation with Naia....

A little background...On most Sunday nights we typically go out to eat with the same group of people after church. We've been doing this for YEARS! So this conversation takes place as we're trying to figure out where to go eat; which is a weekly dilemma. Brent had already taken the kids to the car and they are waiting for me under the awning with all the doors open while I talk with the rest of the group trying to decide.

Brent: How about Taco John's?
Me: Which one?
Brent: The corporate version.
Naia(screaming out her door) Yeah mommma, the corporate virgin!
Me, Brent, Tracy, and others: HAHAHAHHAHA!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trophy Wife

Brent: "Hey, my hot trophy wife."
Me: "Oh, you haven't seen me today have you?!"
Brent: I guess you're my hot homely wife today then?!