Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vietnam up in the air

Well we finally got our I600A and fingerprinting forms in the mail this past week. They're sent off and until last night we were rearing to go! After the Vietnam update we're not really sure what we're going to do. We didn't pick Vietnam for any special reason, but we still don't want to change just yet. We're not sure what to do. I'm waiting on an email back from Jynger or Katie to tell what we'll need to do if we do decide to change countries. The only other country we'd consider or that we're eligible for is Korea. It wouldn't be a huge time difference necessarily, but we're just hanging in there for now.

Tonight we have a FAITH banquet at church. I've done most of the organizing for it and will be glad when it's all over. Not that it's been this great amount of work or anything, but to see the final product will be exciting. The wind is really blowing here today. I can't find our trash cans that were on the curb this morning. And a small tree has been blown over. It's been pretty crazy b/c of it!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Application 2 Approved

Well we finally got our second application approved. We got our forms for the I600 and stuff to send to the CIS. (I think that's what they're called) AND we're getting ready to send our first big payment. We're also still waiting for our adoption financing to come through, so please pray that everything will work out.

Today it's been cold outside. Or at least that's what it says on our thermometer. I'm not about to go out there and see for myself! We've had a fire going all day and been pretty cozy. It was sleeting here earlier but I'm pretty sure it's stopped already. We've been under a winter weather advisory all day today. I'd love to see some snow. We have a hill up the road from us that's great for sledding down with the kids. Not too big not too small, BUT it's seems like a mountain after you walk up it several times lugging a kid with you!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Goings On...

Just trying to update more often for my dad. He said he'd actually read this and keep up with it if I updated it more often!

A couple of years ago, we taught senior high sunday school and every tuesday night they'd come over after school and hang out. We'd eat dinner play games, they'd play with the kids, climb on my room, pretend to be gargoyles, play hide and seek, etc. Definitely a great time was had every week. Well since we no longer teach the senior high, we don't do this any more. I teach the jr. high kids and they can't drive yet, so we're limited on what we can do! BUT tonight, my senior high kids came over again. Tons of fun. Eating dinner, teaching them to use a toaster, playing air hockey, just hanging out. It was loads of fun. Brent is on nights this weekend, so it's just me and the kiddos. They're already in bed and sound asleep! We've had a busy week and they are so tired.

We haven't heard anything about our homestudy yet. Hopefully we'll get a call next week and can get it started. That's about all that's going on with the adoption stuff.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have life insurance! We can now proceed with our homestudy! Now comes the fun part...finding funding for the adoption. To all you fellow bloggers out there any helpful suggestions on places or groups that have adoption loans, grants, etc.? Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, since we're starting our homestudy, any advice or suggestions for us??! I'm really ready to get this started. We have friends that are having babies and we're having a baby too, it's just going to take us longer! We're ready to get this on the ball!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Still Waiting

Well we're still waiting for me to have life insurance. I did have my physical for it this past week. Drew blood, urine sample, the whole bit. At my house. Naia thought it was very interesting! When she watched me get my blood drawn all she had to say was Eww...Gross. It was too funny. She did stand there and watch though!

Today we're having a birthday party for Xavier. We're praying for no rain! We've rented a bump n jump for all his friends to play on so hopefully the rain will hold off until tonight! He started basketball last night. His first game was really exciting! He's finally lost some of the baby giraffe, not sure how to control my long legs, syndrome! He did just as well as the other kids out there!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well we're not any closer to home study than we were a month ago. We turned in our application part two, but I don't have life insurance yet. SO we're working on that. As soon as I'm approved for that we'll be on our way. Let's hope this goes quickly.

As for Christmas, it was awesome! Time with our families. Time with friends and new babies! Time for relaxing. It was just a really great time! (haha) This was our first Christmas in our new house. It was nice having all the room to accomodate everyone that came. Alas, the time for my diet has come back though! It's okay. I actually missed it.

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far!