Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I think we're all finally well here. I've been fighting off the beginning itch of a stomach bug, but thankfully I'm feeling much better! I'm loving this day light savings time! Naia & Paxton are sleeping until about 7 until 5:55 a.m. and they kids are able to play outside most every afternoon! Hopefully this week the weather will hold up and I'll get to get some yard work done! Saturday Brent was home sleeping and the kids and I stayed outside ALL day! We left the house around 9:15 that morning and went to a couple of parks. They loved park hopping! Then we went and got yard stuff; mulch & flowers. After that we came home and had a picnic on the front porch. The kids loved playing outside all day. By 2 they were getting pretty tired though, SO I let them in to watch some tv and rest. But as soon as Brent got up they went right back outside! So here's to pretty weather the rest of the week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have a feeling this is how people are going to feel when they see us again! HA! In addition to all the illnesses from yesterday's post....Naia was sent home from school today with pinkeye. Yes, you read that right. Yet another illness at our house! At least before they called I had disinfected ALL bathrooms and toys in the house! Maybe this will be the last sickness for awhile!

Monday, March 7, 2011


We've had the sicknesses around here! I had strep a couple of weeks ago. Naia had a stomach. Naia's asthma has started acting up again. We're back on inhalers morning and night and an allergy pill at night as well. She's feeling much better already. Saturday afternoon Paxton started running fever. Ran 102 all weekend. Today it's been at 102.8 most of the day. Went to the dr. this morning and he apparently has the flu. Again. Not fun. No wonder he didn't really want to participate in our photo shoot Saturday afternoon! Poor baby. He's just laid around all day. We missed church yesterday and all he's wanted is his momma and his bankey. Such a sweet boy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daffodils & Grass Fields & a Rock

Took the kids on a little photo shoot today! It was my first and I had tons of fun! The kids did too, except it was a little cold! These are a few of my favorites!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For my friend I prayed

A few months ago. Maybe even a year ago, I earnestly began praying for a friend. Someone I could call and chat with. Someone I could hang out with. That I could really consider a real friend. I few weeks ago, I realized that my prayer had been answered. In the past year, a friend has become a close friend. Something that most people would really take for granted having someone to call friend, I finally found! The Lord answered my prayer. I can call this friend for good news, bad news, happy news, sad news. She will cry with me, laugh with me and totally gets my struggles as a mom! She prays with me and my children and for me and my family. I could not ask for a better friend. For something that may have seemed trivial, the Lord knew I needed her. He sent her to me.

Isn't it funny how the Lord answers such little things? Like praying a quick prayer when you can't find you keys, or when I can't find enough hangers to hang up clothes. Somehow, I ALWAYS have enough hangers if I remember to pray about it as I'm searching the closet for empty ones! Several little things lately, that in the great scheme of things, are totally insignificant, the Lord has answered!

Tonight I have one BIG SIGNIFICANT prayer that I'd like ALL of you to pray. The man from our church who died this week was such a christian example. His best friend of over 4o years is not a christian. He is struggling with his grief and with God in wondering why God would take away this man. Please pray with me that R.L.R. would be saved. That he would see the love of Christ this week. That during the funeral services tomorrow he would be redeemed by our Savior. Today that is my prayer. Matthew 7:7 says: If you ask, it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and a door will be opened.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For the past two weeks, our house has been fighting sickness. Last week I had strep throat/sinus infection. Friday Naia stayed home with a stomach bug. Thankfully it didn't stick around too long. Nona came up for games Saturday and Naia cheered with her squad. Now poor Naia is fighting some kind of cold. She's been coughing for a couple of days and today came home from school with fever.

We're also dealing with sickness within our church. A beloved member passed away last night after a very short battle with cancer. The reality hasn't sunken in yet that he's gone. I'm sure tomorrow night at visitation, it will hit. Another member is also losing a battle to cancer that he's been fighting for over a year. And yet another has just begun her battle with lukemia. It all just seems surreal that in our small church so many are battling this disease.

As I think of these things, Ecclesiastes comes to mind. There is a time for everything. A time to live and a time to die. A time to stand still and a time to move. A time to be dormant and a time to grow. I may not understand the Lord's ways, but I do know that His purpose will be revealed in His time.