Friday, November 14, 2008

Lifetime Movies

Today I'm thankful for Lifetime Movies. Sometimes they're dumb. Sometimes they're sappy. Sometimes, they strike a chord. Today while putting away groceries, I started to watch a movie about a little boy that was kidnapped by his non-custodial father and severly abused for 5 years before being found. Sadly, it was based on a true story. There are so many kids that are kidnapped every year, usually by someone they know. I love the movie about the woman who started the Amber Alert Program. Several years ago there was a little girl kidnapped in AR from a ballpark. She's never been found. Nothing has ever been discovered about who or why. Her mother is now an advocate for missing and exploited children. I feel that Lifetime does a great job of creating movies not only for entertainment purposes, but for showing people real life circumstances. Adoption, abortion, teen pregnancy, abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, substance abuse, you name I'm sure there is a movie about it. So today I'm thankful for Lifetime movies. Movies that inspire or just make people aware.

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