Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Ball

Saturday morning we had beautiful weather!  Perfect fall day for a little t ball while Momma was working on a project outside!
Naia had a friend over and they were going bowling.  Xavier was at his cross country meet.  So Paxton and I just got to hang out for a bit. 
Swing batter.

Home run!!
Absolutely loving this weather.  Nice cool mornings.  Just wish the afternoons would stay cool as well! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Making Cookies

So Naia and I found these delicious gems at the grocery store.
Paxton and I proceeded to make them when we got home.
They turned out a little mushy because of the non stick sheet I used on the pan.
Everyone loved them anyways! They were all gone within 24 hours!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ready. Set. Go.

These are the non runners before the race! They had a ball running around in the cool weather! It was a perfect fall day today.

Xavier and his runner friends. I only knew one other! JS is our neighbor and good friend, but they were all eager to get in the picture!

All lined up and ready to go!


At the half way mark.

Crossing the finish line.  We didn't get his time, but I thought he did pretty well.  He really enjoys running and this was to benefit his XC Coaches Daughter who has brain cancer.

Chilling out after the race. 
After this we went to a friends wedding.  I put the kiddos to bed at 7:30 tonight with minimal complaints. We had a long fun day!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Clean Teeth

Paxton at the new dentist's office! He was memorized by the tv on the ceiling! He got to watch cartoons during his whole cleaning!  At one point Randi was asking him something and he was so zoned out he didn't even hear her!  So thankful for an awesome dentist office!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Secret fun with mom's phone!

This is Ms. Carol and two of the kiddos during a wedding shower at church this past Sunday! I guess this is what they did for entertainment! Love them all!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Saturday full of fun

Bright and early Saturday morning Xavier had a cross country meet.  This is his team getting ready to run.

He's the dark headed big guy in the middle right.  He finished his 2 mile run in 16:13. Pretty good and he beat his best run by 2 minutes!  He finished in 42nd place!
After the meet we got to go home and nap a bit then we went to the ATU football game.  Had fun tailgating before the game with burgers and bounce houses!  The kids' favorite part of any sporting activity......visiting the concession stand for fun snacks!  

  Paxton being a football player. He was wearing the pompoms like pads!  He had a blast at the game!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Kitchen Island Makeover

So last week I decided that I was going to give my cookbook shelf a little makeover.  Just a little bit of paint! And......
Wah-La! A brand new look.  I got rid of several cookbooks, put the others on a shelf in the pantry and just kept out the ones I use all the time.  Then added a few fun decorations and bam. Cute! (If I do say so myself.) The hubs hates it and everyone else loves it!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catch Up Post....

We brake for turtles in this family. We not only brake, we also pick them up and move them to the side of the road they were headed to! 

Yes I bought all these powerades in one trip to the grocery store.  A sale is a sale!

"I didn't add bubbles Momma!"
Been wanting to try and paint the back of a shelf for a while. SO I started with this small shelf in the kitchen island. 

This is the finished product.  This shelf used to be stuff with all my cookbooks and magazines that at one time held recipes I thought I would make.  Well no more. I got rid of a huge box of cook books I no longer use or have never used.  And then I moved the other 20 or so to the pantry and just kept out the ones I use all the time out here.  The little cake plate is an auction find from last weekend.  You can't see it here, but it has a small bunny on the top. Love!

And these crazy kids are my morning car pool crew.  This morning was full of laughter and giggles. Wouldn't trade it for anything!  Going to miss it in a few years when the two older boys will be driving themselves to school.

And that sums up the past couple of weeks here! Not much is going on. We're settling into a nice school routine once again.  Life is good.