Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All in the phone call...

So most of you are wanting the details of our referral! So here goes. It's nothing different but it is certainly special to us.

Thursday, Oct. 2, was a normal day. I had had a feeling all day that the phone could ring, but I think seriously I'd been having that feeling for a few months at that point! It was my car pool day so I took the boys to school and then Naia to school. Went and worked out that morning and then came home to do laundry. Thursday is my second laundry day of the week! Brent went to work as usual. And oddly, we had lunch together. At Italian Gardens, where I don't usually eat b/c they don't have any whole wheat noodles! He usually gets home about 4/5 but today he got home at 3:30. Just as we were coming in from picking up kids from school and dropping off our neighbor. I was sitting on the bed when the phone rang. I answered it and it was our social worker, Ed.

He asked if I had a few mintues that he had somethings to talk to me about. I told him I had all the time he needed. At this point, I was running through the house looking for Brent. Who could not be found! I only half listened to Ed as he was telling me about a baby boy born on April 19th. Finally I found Brent. He'd been in the bathroom! I pointed to the phone and was smiling and still trying to listen to Ed! Finally I asked Ed if he could go back over everything again so Brent could hear, so I put him on speaker phone and he went back over everything about this baby boy. He is 5 1/2 months old, developing right where he's supposed to be. He can hold up his head, roll from side to side, put weight on his feet, etc. So exciting. So we tell him, yes we'd like to see his file and take the information for our doctor's to look at. So we get the file and on Friday morning I take the file to our doctor who is also an adoptive parent, except that he's out of town until Monday! So I go ahead and take it to one of our friends that's also a doctor. He looked at it and said everything looked great and that he didn't have any concerns about anything on there! We knew it was a go from there!

We called Ed back and asked to see a picture before we got the file to say yes for sure. Ed emailed us his picture about 2 hours later. We were officially in love. He was precious. At this point we hadn't told the kids, and we hadn't picked a name b/c our original name, Max, didn't really go with Sol, his Korean name. We went ahead and told the kids. They weren't nearly as excited as I thought they'd be! Naia even said a little while after, "I'm just not really sure if I'm going to like this baby or not."

We finally decided on the name Paxton from our list and used Sol as his middle name. THEN we started calling our families! I called my mom and when I told her we were having a baby, she asked if I were pregnant! After she realized I was talking about a baby from Korea, she was really excited, but disappointed b/c she was on her way to the lake and wouldn't be able to see a picture until Sunday afternoon! Brent didn't get to tell his mom immediately b/c she was in the car on the way home from work. I called our neighbor and great friend and told her and she was so excited for us! She's expecting a little boy in December so we know that our boys will grow up being good friends!

Saturday I was going on a Ladies trip with our church. Me and several "older" ladies. One of our very close friends was going and I couldn't wait to show her our picture and tell her the news. But of course, she was the last one to arrive! I rushed her into the office where all my stuff was and showed her the picture and she was so excited for us! Tears and everything. So the 1 1/2 hour trip to Little Rock, was spent talking about Paxton, when he'd be home, and baby showers!

Sunday at church was also exciting! We got to share with people that had been praying for us and that have helped us and supported us through the last 8 years of college, kids, and everything in between! So it was a weekend of celebrating! We have all the paperwork ready to be turned back in to Dillon today. It's signed and ready to go. And in 3-4 months we can bring our baby home!

As part of our 1 post a day for a week, we'll post tomorrow about the process and what happens next for everyone not familiar with the Korea process!


viathemidwest said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations! That is all so amazing. I am just catching up on some blogs and I can't wait to follow the rest of your journey. How amazing!!!

Dusty and Kathryn said...

I love it - Thank you for sharing all the details! (Thank you for your post too)!

Micah and Sunny said...

I am such a details person....I was hoping for a post like this.

Now that the paperwork is signed, come on legals! Let's head out to Korea in a few months, whatdya say?

Schlabach Clan said...

This is so exciting for you and your family. What a HUGE answer to prayer.
I'm glad you wrote down how you found out. He will love all of these precious stories when he gets older.