Monday, January 24, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. There's tons going on, but I just haven't had it in me to sit down and go through pictures and actually write a decent post.

We've started Upward basketball a few weeks ago. Xavier's team is doing awesome! I think they're undefeated at this point, but most importantly he's really coming along in his playing abilities! He's losing his baby giraffe look and starting to look and play like a bigger kid! Naia's cheering is great too! She's just a natural on the stage up there cheering! She loves it!

Paxton had his tonsils and adenoids out this past Friday, so right now we're recuperating from that. We had to spend a night in the hospital after the surgery but we're home now and just barely able to get liquids down him. I just keep giving him different options every little bit and hopefully he'll get better tomorrow. Right now he's still taking a nap that's going on 3 1/2 hours. I know this is good for him too! And he's still eating good. He would much rather eat than drink a ton of juice. Funny story about surgery: Before they gave him his "loopy" meds he wouldn't put on his gown or talk or anything to anyone that came in to see him. Since he was the only baby that morning everyone wanted to stop by to see him. Not 5 minutes after taking the meds though, he hammed it up for everyone! He sang the Batman theme song to the dr.s and nurses and just laughed and made us all laugh and laugh. The anesthesiologist said he'd never seen anything like it! HA!

So that's pretty much what we've been up to here. Prayers for our little Pacman would be great. That he would drink and heal!

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Lisa said...

I hope Paxton is feeling better! It's no fun when the little ones are down. I'm praying he's back to his old self in no time.