Sunday, January 9, 2011

Epic Fail

SO I did a terrible job of a daily post! HA! So here's a recap!

Tuesday we didn't have to be anywhere after school, SO I cooked a big dinner with homemade tortillas! Only Naia appreciated my efforts. Brent went looking for the store bought ones! They tasted really good, but were a little thick! I also cleaned house all day Tuesday since Brent was off Monday and we did a bunch of nothing! Early in the morning after I had gotten the kitchen clean, I put a chicken on to boil. Oh our house smelled SO good. The smell of clean with homemade chicken cooking! I used the chicken in several things throughout the week for meals. The kids love it and it's a cheap way to get a lot of chicken!

Wednesday Paxton and I went back to the gym. On Wednesday mornings I take a steps class. Awesome! That's how I feel when I realize that I'm actually going to make it through the whole class! Some weeks, I do just fine and others...well I leave at the halfway point! Although those are coming fewer and fewer! After the gym we came home and had lunch and a good nap. I had youth dinner on Wednesday night so after dropping off car pool kiddos, we went into town and got the stuff needed to make cheese dip. I have a really awesome partner and she does most of the harder food and I make the side! I had a great group of kids in Teamkids! We're learning about Moses right now and they are just soaking up everything we talk about!

Thursday Paxton and I headed back to the gym. We didn't stay too long. I was a bit sore from the day before! We came home and cleaned up the house a bit and had lunch and another nap! I've been really tired lately, SO I got back out my energy vitamins and made sure to eat lots of things with good iron in them. After just a couple of days I'm already feeling SO much better.

Friday night we celebrated Xavier's birthday with his friends. He had 3 boys over to stay the night. We had pizza for dinner and the sent them out on a scavenger hunt we had made up for them! They had SO much fun. Shooting BB gun, following a map to find treasure, having to beat Brent in HORSE....just a few of the missions they had. Some of it was even educational! After the 2 hour hunt, we had cake, which by the way, I made. It was pitiful, BUT it was my first attempt at a homemade birthday cake and most importantly....Xavier and his friends thought it was awesome! I'll do an entire post of this with pics soon!

Saturday we had our first weekend of Upward Basketball! Naia cheered at 11 and then Xavier played at 2. We absolutely LOVE our Upward group. They do such a great job of scheduling and everything and it's just SO nice to go to a church and not be the ones running around like crazy and doing lots of stuff! We always enjoy going to on of our fellow churches! Naia did SO good at cheering. She's a natural! Not sure where she gets it from! Xavier also did great at basketball. He's So tall and lanky and still hasn't quite figured out how to coordinate his legs and feet to all run at the same speed and time! He looks like a baby giraffre quite often! And it doesn't help that they play half court still! He had his hands on the ball a bit and even shot it a couple of times! No points scored by him, but his team pulled off an amazing win right at the end!

Sunday, today, we got up and went to church with the anticipation of snow in the air! All we got was cold! Until about 4 this evening, then we finally got some snow. We got a phone call from the school earlier that school is canceled, SO hopefully we'll actually have something to play in tomorrow!

SO That was our week! Maybe this week I'll do better at posting it daily!

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