Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's!

We had a low key new years eve at home with the kiddos! I made everyone a special food for dinner. Xavier got ham and cressant rolls, Naia and Brent had cheese dip and Dallas Bean Dip, I got Missy's Meatballs and since Paxton eats it all, he hit the jackpot! We all ate dinner in the living room which is a huge deal for our kids! We never ever eat in the living room! After dinner we went outside and did fireworks. Xavier is finally old enough to do bottle rockets alone so he had tons of fun doing that. Naia and Paxton did a TON of sparklers! We had a big package firework left over from a couple of years ago, so we did that too! Happy New Years!


Lisa said...

Happy New Year, Efirds!

dave and jenn said...

Happy New Year!