Sunday, January 2, 2011

One of my blogger buddies does this thing where she docuements an entire week WITH photos so she'll remember what her life was like that week! SO I'm going to attempt that this week! Except I may not have too many pictures to share!

Today was a pretty normal Sunday for us. We got up and went to church. We were late. Sometimes it just cant' be helped. Certainly when I stay up til midnight two nights in a row before! Super Mario Bros. for the Wii is SO much fun! After church Xavier went home with a friend for the afternoon and the rest of us came home and ate lunch and took a much needed nap! Paxton is starting to wear underwear this week and made it through naptime dry! Big accomplishment, right?! After nap, Naia and I went to a baby shower I was hosting at church. Becky got tons of stuff for baby Trystan! I can't wait until he gets here in a couple of weeks!! After the shower I picked up Xavier and we all came home. We had pancakes for dinner! Usually on Sunday nights we go you with friends after church, but tonight there was no church, and since it was unplanned, I didn't have anything on the menu to cook! SO pancakes it was!

The kids went to bed pretty much right after dinner. Last night after a quick 2.5 hour game of UNO they went to bed around 10. Which is really late for our kids! Tonight they were in bed about 7:30!

Brent and I played a little Mario and now he's playing one of his games and I'm working on thank you notes and party invitations!

That's it for Sunday! Hopefully I remember to do this again tomorrow night! HA!

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