Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Funk

I guess it's the heat, the end of summer, everyone just ready to get things back to normal, etc. I don't really know, but our house is going nutso! The kids are at each other all day. It's too hot to play outside, there's nothing to do outside, I'm bored....are all replies I get to okay, outside!

I also just want to vent a little. Just because I choose to stay home with my children, does not mean that I'm not capable of doing other things outside the house. I've gotten vibes and even more than vibes lately about people thinking or telling me that I can't control my house. My kids are heathens, I have my hands full, we shouldn't have any more kids. I think of all the things that I've heard lately, that one bothers me the most. Who's decision is it besides ours to decide if we should have another baby. Just because my kids aren't perfectly behaved, and my house isn't always perfectly clean doesn't mean that I can't handle my children or another child! And since when just because I'm a stay at home mom does that give people the impression that I'm an idiot and not capable of doing anything outside my home. Does being a stay at home mom automatically make people think that's ALL you can do? Cook, clean, raise babies? Does anyone else feel like this? And AS IF cooking and cleaning and raising your babies isn't something important or doesn't take brains to do?!

Sorry just having a rough week and wanted to vent! Thanks for listening!


Emily said...

Oh, Dania....I can totally relate! I've been feeling the same way lately.

You are a great mother and NONE of us are perfect!

Some days I feel like if Rick gets home from work and the kids are all alive...then I did ok that day!

Hang in there!!

Jennifer Cawyer said...

I am sorry that you are having a rough week. I understand I am a stay at home mom also and my kids are not perfect. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

Butch and Tracy said...

I totally relate!! But have decided that we were created to be moms and wives first... the rest will have to wait. My family comes first. If the house is not perfect oh well... And, I have yet to hear of a family whos kids NEVER bicker with each other. That is how they learn to deal with things.

It does get boring by the end of the summer. let them make a mess... We make them all the time!!!LOL... especially in the kitchen.

Schlabach Clan said...

people are actually commenting to you like that? Do they have kids? So not cool.

On the flip side:
You have 3 amazing kids that you get to be the mommy too!
What a privilege to be home with them...through the good days and bad days.
Houses are only suppose to be clean when mother-in-laws are showing up or you are trying to sell your home. (my new thought, since I can never get this place clean or the piles picked up).

I pray the remainder of your summer is carefree, full of laughter, water and perhaps an ice cream or two!!!!

Heather said...

I'm sure we all have more days like this than we ever admit; thus the working moms' view of our 'fun-filled, non-working, lay around, no worries' world. Staying at home is no picnic! However, it is SO worth it. Just think, if our kids get on our last nerve some days...what would they do to a caregiver? We love them more than anyone on the Earth! Hang in there...sometimes a couple of trips to the dollar store during the week can provide hours of cheap fun when you're stuck inside due to the heat!

Heather M.
Mommy to 3!