Monday, August 10, 2009

Multiple Personalities...

My children all have very different personalities. Sometimes I feel like I live in a psych ward! Today was one of those days.

Let's start with the eldest. Xavier, born 8 1/2 years ago. He's quiet, reserved, could easily be the biggest couch potato, doesn't typically bother anyone. Today as usual he was minding his own business and Naia decides that she wants to sit on him. Not near him, but on top of him. Therefore Xavier proceeds to scream for her to move. He doesn't do anything however to actually remove her from on top of him!

Naia, ah Naia. The poor middle child. She's picking up more tendencies of a middle child daily. She's outspoke, loves to pretend, dress up, play school, etc. Today was no different. When she got in trouble for sitting on Xavier, she simply went to her room and colored! Now she is an instigator. She loves to terrorize both of her brothers. Today after she quit messing with Xavier she started on Paxton. She took away his toys, got into trouble for that. She tries finally just to play with him. Bringing him special toys from her room for him to play with. She's really trying to play nice. I guess I have to bring Paxton into this now too, to fully understand the interaction between these two!
Paxton, sweet Paxton. He's been getting into everything today. I've had to tell him no probably a hundred times or say Let's play over here with this, more times than I care to think about. He is a pincher and a biter. I've never had to deal with either of these. I was a biter though, and remember actually biting the blood out of people regularly. But I have no idea how to stop the biting with Paxton. I think he bites because he can't communicate what's wrong or that he wants you (Naia) to stop. So I guess today was one of those days. Naia was trying to play with him and apparently he didn't want to play with her, SO he bites her. Not just on the arm or hand or some where convienent, he bites her on the face with half of her lip in his mouth and at the same time, pinches the same side of her face. HARD. It left teeth marks and claw marks on the side of her sweet little face. And apparently she screamed so hard, it gave her a bloody nose, so that by the time I get into the living room, Naia is covered in blood. So I take her to get semi cleaned up and then go back to Paxton and scold him and put him in his crib to contain him while I clean up Naia. It takes awhile to get her nose to stop bleeding and she's upset about it all. Worried that there is something wrong with her face!

Oh the many personalities of my kids. It has been crazy around here today. I am so thankful for naptime though. They are all asleep now and hopefully I'm going to join them! Thanks for letting me vent a few days ago. It was just a rough week! This week is going to be better and then school starts next week, so I'm sure things will start to improve!

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Donna said...

Ugh, Dania! I am SO glad that neither of my kids are biters! They are both hitters though. Ryan I think has almost grown out of it at 4 1/2 but Caroline hits constantly now. And in retaliation for being told no! And she screams this horrible mad scream, like she's possessed. Aren't children the best? :)