Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Day

Today we had "back to school" haircuts for Naia and Paxton. Naia got her hair cut short! And it's too cute. Paxton got a regular haircut, but he did sit in the seat all by himself!

I think that finally we have everything we need for school on Wednesday. I even have a fresh loaf of bread for lunches this week! What a great mom I am! haha...

On the first day of school, I plan to clean my bathrooms! As a baby gift, my grandma's been paying for someone to come clean the house, but with both older kids in school, I'm beginning to wonder if I can handle it all again! SO on Wednesday I'm going to attempt bathrooms while Paxton naps. Today I did a trial run to see if I could make myself clean during naptime instead of sleep like the kids do. I succeeded, but the big kids didn't nap b/c they could hear me up and around. Thank goodness they'll be in school when I try to clean again. I did get the living room all picked up plus all the floors in the living room, eating area and kitchen swept really good! So I consider naptime cleaning for today a success! What do you plan on doing when your kids go back to school? Come on...I know you have something planned!


Donna said...

I plan on doing some hard cleaning in Ryan's room and the game room. Today I cleaned Caroline's room, but man it was hard with her whining about everything I was putting away. The main plan is to get exercising again. I can't wait!!

Emily said... I did NOT clean a blasted thing on the first day back!

I'm going to attempt to reorganize the kids closets, our basement (OH SO SCARY), and our master closet (almost as scary). I also need to get some kind of scrapbook done for Audrey. Poor third child has NOTHING.