Thursday, April 30, 2009

We finally did it

I finally got all of Paxton's blood work done for our agency. AND I got him caught up on his shots! What a week it has been.

On Monday we had our second meeting with our social worker. It went well. Only one more meeting before we can start our finalization for Paxton's adoption.

Tuesday we had Paxton's blood work done. Our doctor's office is a "peds" office, so they couldn't get his blood drawn they didn't have a small enough needle. So they sent us to the hospital to get it done. Not a problem necessarily, BUT it took FOREVER. They had to draw blood from both arms to get enough to do all the necessary tests.

Wednesday we had the best day. Paxton and I played all day. Took a good nap. Then went to church last night and played some more.

Today we've gone and had shots. Our doctor's office doesn't do immunizations b/c of the cost, so they send you to the health department. Ours is gross. The floors are dirty, the people are usually pretty rude, and you have to wait forver. Today was not much different, except that the people were pretty friendly. We had an appointment at 9:45 we got there early, and it's a good thing we did b/c since he hadn't been there before and apparently they've never had to transfer a shot record from a foreign country (don't even get me started on that) that it took them forever to build a new folder for him. Finally we got in at 10:15. We had waited an hour. But he was a trooper and he's almost caught up now. Two more shots this year and then he's done until kindergarten!

So that's been our week! Tomorrow we will have grocery day, but that will go by quickly!

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Katy Hill said...

Shots are no fun, but I'm glad Paxton is such a trooper! Glad you all are doing well.