Friday, April 24, 2009


We have been so busy lately! It seems that every night something else comes up and we are rushing out and about. Just last night at the same time we had karate and kindergarten registration. We live right in the middle of two towns. And sadly both of these were in different towns! It was an hour and a half of driving around and filling out papers then picking up kids.....Crazy night.

Paxton is really starting to warm up to people at our church. Today at a family dinner for a funeral, he just played and played with our Pastor. He actually walked over to him and raised his arms so Bro. Danny would pick him up! It was too cute. And of course Bro. D just loved it! Everyone is so excited that he's coming around! They've all waited and prayed for him to be here and now they're getting to enjoy him!

Here are a few pictures of recent events!

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Schlabach Clan said...

Such cute pictures!!!!!
Okay..I have to comment on Paxton's hair and the fact that it is laying down.
One of my sons really needs to have a hairstyle...we call him our chia pet! It grows straight up!