Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at church and hiking

While I don't think I have a single picture from Easter day, I do however have several from Saturday! We had an egg hunt at church and then went on a hike! So here are some pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!

Paxton & Brent looking at the eggs he found at the egg hunt.
Naia and Karter playing in the creek that we went to on our hike.Naia's butterfly face paint. She always loves to have her face painted.Xavier & Chloe after the egg hunt.Cousins!!! Karter, Naia, Chloe, Paxton, Kynnadee, & Xavier in front of the waterfall at Long Pool in Dover.


Kindall Family said...

I know that spot at Long Pool well! Jason and I both went to Arkansas Tech and being the outdoor lovers that we are, went hiking and exploring often!

Thanks for all the words of encouragement and prayers you have left on our blog during our wait! They have helped sustain us through this long wait!


abc123vn said...

Looks like one great Saturday...