Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Paxton!

Saturday was Paxton's first birthday! We had a great party with family and friends. Sorry the pictures aren't great, but Paxton would NOT wear the hat to his hanbok nor would he sit still for good pictures! So we have what we have. During the traditional part of his birthday he wore his turquoise and pink hanbok from his foster mother. He didn't grow near as much as she thought he would, b/c it was huge on him! We lay out several items for him to choose from. Paint brush, books, pencil, rice, a cupcake, notebook, a silver dollar that was my dad's when he was little. We had all the items in the floor in a circle. He walked all around the items, making sure to look at each one, really making us think he knew was he was supposed to be doing. It was so cute. He made a full circle before coming back and choosing the bag of rice! On one thing it said that rice meant wealth and on another it meant health, so we'll take either of those! The next thing he chose was the silver dollar! He was too sweet!

Then we stripped him down and let him have his cake. He didn't eat very much of it! He just picked off some of the icing and then wanted down! He wasn't very interested in opening his presents either! I did most of the work, but we do have some cute pictures of him with the presents!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Paxton!!!
I'm so glad you were all able to celebrate with him, but also able to incorporate some fun traditions from his culture. Too cute!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Paxton!!! :-)

Schlabach Clan said...

I love his Hanbok outfit!!!
Such a precious gift from his Foster Mom.
Happy Birthday Paxton!