Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our first sleepover

Xavier had his first sleepover at our house this weekend. Two little boys from his school stayed the night for his birthday, which was in December. I think they had a good time, even though they were heathens most of the night! They got too loud at about 10 so we made them lay down. Well that didn't really work. Finally about 11:30 or so, they went to sleep! I have a friend that has four boys and I had a short glimpse into her life Friday night! They were good, just LOUD!

Paxton is doing really great. He's eating wonderfully. He eats most anything we give him. Still struggling feeding him breakfast stuff he likes, other than malt o meal or oatmeal, but other than that he eats like a dream! If I had time I'd make him malt o meal or oatmeal every morning, but I don't always have time to do that! He's started sleeping on a decent schedule as well! Thanks for all the suggestions from the last post. Some were really helpful. He's finally going down good anywhere from 8-9 and then getting up for a bottle at 12:30ish and another at 5. This seems to be taking a step back, but it's what he needs right now, so we're managing! Right now he's sitting in his high chair eating cheerios. We just started giving them to him! Not sure why! He does love them though, and they're something different than a puff!

Church went really well again today. He cried and started chasing me when he thought I was going to leave the room. I wasn't, I just got up to walk across the room and he started crawling towards me! One of these days I'm going to learn how to post video of him crawling! It's pretty funny. He doesn't really crawl, just more or less scoots himself across the floor!

Tomorrow we'll have been home for three weeks. It seems like he's always been here with us. I know it's cliche' to say that, but it's so true! He's just fit into our family so perfect.

Paxton eating something! Not sure what it is, but the boy would eat constantly if we would let him!This is him crawling. Notice neither of his knees is touching the ground. It's pretty funny to see!


Micah and Sunny said...

Wow, you are brave having an all boy sleepover! Glad you survived. I am so happy to hear that Paxton is sleeping better and the crawling thing is hilarious.

Butch and Tracy said...

Three weeks already. Time really does fly. I am so glad things are going to good with Paxton and his adjustments. Thanks for the updates!

PS... asleep by 11:30 at a sleep over... Good job! Mine seem to stay up till the am hours.


Anonymous said... he's starting to like Tracy and Alan...hehe...
we love being around you guys, and did anyways, but are thankful for the smoothness of the transition for all of you so far and for getting to be around that as well.