Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Night & Staff Meeting

Today we had a staff meeting at church. I really enjoy going to them to see what everyone has planned for the next 6 months or so. We have some really neat things coming up. Brent and I are planning our Valentine's Banquet. We can't wait! It's always a lot of fun. We don't have as many people signed up as in the past, but even with just a few, it will be tons of fun!

Brent has started working a weird shift again for the next 5 months or so. Not fun. Tonight started the weird shift. After the staff meeting we were having movie night at church, but since Paxton sat through the staff meeting fairly well behaved, we weren't going to stay since Brent would be gone and I wouldn't get to watch the movie anyways. SO the kids and I came home and we're watching Tom & Jerry for our movie night. I love it. We're all in our pj's. We've had dinner. And hopefully the kids will all be in bed in the next 30 mintues or so!

A lady from church made Paxton a beautiful quilt. It's embroidered with a little kid's prayer in each block. It's so precious. I'll try and post a picture of it later. It's so sweet. Jean has become a good friend lately. Her granddaughter is in my 1 year old SS class. She has custody of H and we have gotten to know each other pretty well the past few months or so. God has blessed us with the kindest people in our church. They have all prayed for us throughout the entire adoption process and are still showing such love and support to us. She just loves Paxton as well.


Butch and Tracy said...

How wonderful to have the support of your Church. Some people really can help make a difference just knowing prayers are being said.
Thank you for the prayers!

I think your letter is going to be 'F'.... I bet you can come up with some good ones. Have FUN!!!


Anonymous said...

i hate that we aren't gonna be able to be at the Valentine's deal.:( that stinks.:(

i may be somewhat in the minority, but i think we should have more staff meetings than we do. i don't know if it's as necessary as SOME churches do it, but i think we need to do it more than we do, b/c stuff like tonight's meeting (and most when we DO have them) feel productive on various levels to me. anyways, i'm glad you're in on them, for what it's worth, and i'm glad he shared some of what he did, b/c it's all stuff he and i have been discussing around the office for weeks, so i'm glad he brought others in on it as well.