Monday, January 19, 2009

9 months old today

Today Paxton is 9 months old. He's been quite the stinker today too. He didn't sleep well last night. Then today he's been in a weird mood. He fell today and has a little bruise on his forehead. Today we've also been home for 4 weeks.

Some fun things for us to remember about him at this time
-loves the computer! if you get it out he races over to try and push the buttons.
-is in training with the other two kids to become a jedi knight. he loves to play with our light sabers. the kids, especially xavier, are really into star wars right now, so playing light sabers/star wars is a regular occurance in our house.
-he has four teeth with about two to four more on the way. he has bitten brent once on the shoulder and left a mark!
-still eats pretty much everything. including whatever he can find on the floor! his favorites right now are moss from the wood for the fireplace and the crumbs he finds underneath the bar stools where the kids eat! he loves cheerios, and most any other foods that you give him.
-he stands on his tip toes to try and reach things on top of the end table. mainly the remote!
-still crawls like a crab! all of the left leg on his pants is slightly dirty b/c of the way he drags it when he crawls.
-babbles dada, mama, baba, nanana. pretty much he says daddy, and no. those are his favorites and i think some of the times he's using them correctly!

We love this little boy so much. We are so happy that he's here with us on this day. Right now he's learning to use his walker. I've tried all day to get him to stand up and walk behind it, but he was way to distracted by the front to do it. Brent comes home and the first time he tries it, the kid just does it. Can you say "Daddy's boy?"!

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Yvonne and Eric said...

I'm glad things are going well! Paxton is so adorable!! Isn't it great watching him light up with Daddy gets home?

Happy 9 Months Paxton!