Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day

Today we have one kiddo home from school and the other in school! Xavier is out of school b/c of the ice on the roads and trees and pretty much everywhere! Dover has a lot more rural areas to pick up than Russellville, b/c Russellville has school today so we took Naia in! We pay for her preschool, so if the doors are open, she will be there! So Xavier is staying home with me and Paxton today. Brent is also home until around 3. He's working a weird shift and works 3-12 this week.

We have a cozy fire going and are all in comfy clothes(xavier still in pj's) and we're just hanging out today! The kids had two ice/snow days while we were in Korea last month, so this makes 3 make up days at the end of the year. yuck.

Paxton has been watching our cats out in the sunroom the past two days. We don't typically let them in there, but with it being so cold, we do. He sits at the door and watches them and they sit there are play with him and paw at him. Too cute. I'll try and get a picture up later. He loves the dogs as well, but they're a little too high energy for him to get too close too! I guess cats through the glass door will have to do for now!

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Leigh said...

We had our first snow (ice) day of the year today. WB loved it, DoriGrace hated being trapped inside.

I'm afraid that the worst is headed your direction. Stay safe and warm!