Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well I tried to post some pics but it wouldn't let me. Not much is happening here. We had a pretty busy weekend. My great grandma passed away after living life for the Lord for 92 years. We spent Saturday with my dad's family just hanging out. My mom took me and Naia to a nail place and we all got our toe nails done. Just some good girl time. My dad had Xavier and my younger cousin and they went to Academy sports and got boy stuff; which included a new fish tank. For fish we don't own yet. A serious quote from my dad" Well I thought we could go get some fish and put them in the fridge to keep the good until you left to go back to Russellville." My mom and I cracked up. We decided to wait on the fish and came home with the tank and $$ for the fish later!

We've started church league softball again! I'm coaching this year. Last night was our first game. Tons of fun! It's such a great atmosphere to be around. We even won which made it even better! Tonight we have another game and I actually get to play tonight! Not get to play I guess, but am needed to play so we have enough players! So I get the best of both worlds! And I get to wear my cute new cleats!!(I know I'm such a girl)

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Leigh said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your great grandmother. What a blessing though...92 years!

I hope you don't mind that I still have you on my blog as waiting...you are my only Korea family...but I don't want to lose you! What are they saying about your projected wait??? I am dying for news for you!