Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

This post is for JH. Not much is going on here at all! We heard this week that our homestudy should be in the Dillon office sometime this week, SO we'll officially get to be on the waiting list finally!!! It's weird, b/c I know that at some point we are going to have a baby. We have no idea when though, so it's sort of hard to plan right now! I feel that I have been nesting lately though! I've cleaned out the place where the baby is going to sleep. I keep looking in the baby dept at stores, just to see if they have anything we'll "need" for a new baby! We'll probably be ready for a baby waayyy to early!

So since I'm sharing things today....I'll share this. I love to decorate! I love shopping around, hunting for the perfect accessory, etc. Today I'm redoing our guest bedroom. I found the perfect sheets to go with the bedset that I got from my mom. And I found a cute "american" duck to go with it. The whole room will soon be transformed.

And now I'll leave with a quote that I saw on a show about adoption. It goes somewhat like this.

"This child will give me more than I could ever think to give him or her."


chelle belle said...

Happy BDay!!!

Oh, I wish you could come over an help me decorate! It's those little details that take me FOREVER to find! And, of course, those things are what makes a room! I soooo need help in that area!

Glad to hear your HS is done! Seems like your process is moving right along! I'm excited that you all will be officially waiting soon!

Congrats & blessings!

jkhill said...

Good post! Thanks for the update!