Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Switch

Well after much thought and prayer, we have decided to switch over to the Korea program. At this time we really just feel that God is in this. We have a peace about it. We're excited!

We also have our homestudy scheduled for the 17th! This is really exciting! I'm totally not sure what to expect, but not even the littlest bit scared about it! That's probably a bad thing.

We're having a small super bowl party tomorrow night. Brent's brother and family are coming over to watch the game b/c they don't have cable or satellite in their home. I guess I better get off here now. Skillet is barking to be let inside. Brent's in bed and I just finished watching Father of the Bride II. Such a great movie!


Leigh said...

It is such a difficult time for international adoption! There are just incredible wait times everywhere. I pray Korea holds the answer for your family.

I'll keep checking on you and look forward to rejoicing with you some day soon!!

Jessica said...

I am excited for you guys! That sounds like a smart decision considering what is going on in Vietnam.

Praying that your homestudty goes well. I know its hard not to but don't stress over it. Hopefully your Social worker is as sweet as ours is.

I am going to continue to follow your blogs. I'll say a prayer that all goes swiftly and smoothly for you!