Friday, July 19, 2013

Finally Friday

So Chocolate Gravy....yeah. Never made it before. Never eaten it before. However when Xavier visits Ms. Jennifer's house she always introduces him into yummy new foods! This time it was chocolate gravy. Although mine didn't turn out as good as or the same as Ms. Jennifer's apparently, it was pretty good if I say so myself! And I get to say so because I'm the only one that ate it! haha! Here's my recipe. It pretty much made it up SO it's Dania Original!

Dania's Chocolate Gravy

4 tbsp. butter
15 Hershey's kisses
+/- 1/2 tsp. salt
3 cups milk
1 cup flour
2/3 cup sugar

Melt butter and kisses in skillet. While that is melting mix dry ingredients in small bowl. When the butter and kisses are melted remove from heat and add dry ingredients. Mix well. Add back to heat and slowly add milk. I added a cup at a time and used a whisk and stirred it until well combined between each cup. Stir occasionally until it gets as thick as you like.

That's it! It was super yummy! I made this with homemade biscuits and it tasted like a freshly dipped chocolate donut! Enjoy!

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