Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clean House Tuesday

Today we've been cleaning house. And reading new library books. And mostly cleaning house! I love getting new books and having a time table/ due date that I have to read them by! We all needed new books to read. I'm reading a series called Montana Skies. Just finished the first book and I really liked it. It reminded me that even though I plan and plan things and pray that things always go according to MY plan, I have to remember that God's plans may not always line up with what I want or expect. And that His ways are ultimately best for me. Sometimes that's hard to remember when I don't like what life throws at me. My house has needed a good deep cleaning for a while now.....well it's getting that today. I've magic erased cabinets and door frames. I've made the kids dust and wash windows and pick up all their stuff from the living room and main house areas. Now all that's left is cleaning the hard wood floors. Probably my least favorite thing to clean....blah. At least they will shine when I'm done. At least until the kids walk across them with their dirty little feet! HA!

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