Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacation 2011

So far today we've been pretty lazy! It was so nice getting to sleep in til about 8 this morning! The kids are having sleepovers tonight to celebrate and our new ice cream maker came by way of Fed Ex today before lunch!

Xavier is already loving his treehouse and the creek. I told Brent earlier that I think this will be "the summer" of the treehouse. He and his best friend are sleeping out in there tonight! We'll see how it actually goes!

Naia is already missing school and is hard at convincing Paxton to play school with her. Most of the time she succeeds. He loves to do anything with her!

Paxton is being a turkey! It's going to be a long summer if he keeps up with his bossiness and just plain being rotten!! hahaha

We have lots of things planned for the month of June already. Not a free weekend in sight for a while. This weekend we have a family reunion. Next week is VBS at our church. The week after that the kids are going to camp with their cousins. The next week Xavier goes to church camp. And the final week of June we are going on a short family vacation! Hopefully somewhere in there we can hit the pool and nearby water parks with friends!

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