Friday, May 13, 2011

Many Many things going on...

Must find time to write! Lots has been happening. Last week was Naia's 7th birthday! We had a great turnout for probably the first time ever for her birthday. It always falls on Mother's Day weekend and Kentucky Derby weekend! She had 16 friends here! We had a bump and jump brought to the house and the kids LOVED it! She also had her first sleepover! She's getting SO big.

I"ll have to get pics up later, but also on Easter Sunday, Naia was baptized. I'm so proud of her for her commitment. I can see such a difference in her life already. Such a sweet time for her. I have pics of this too for later!

Tonight Xavier is testing for his blue belt in karate. He's pretty pumped! We're so proud of him for sticking it out in karate. He gets a bit bored at times with it, but has stuck with it and he is definitely seeing his efforts pay off lately!

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