Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Monday morning I got a very sad phone call. At 6:16 a.m. my mom called to tell me that their grocery store was on fire. They didn't have any details at that point other than that one of the managers came in to work early like normal and when he got there it was in flames. The store is a total loss. The building may or may not be a complete loss. Most everything in the store has to be destroyed. Food that would have fed thousands all put in the trash. Some stuff was salvageable. People have been so kind about helping out. I know that my mom and dad are so stressed out. They've been working so hard the past couple of days. They are so upset that someone came into their business and stole from them and then torched the place. Prayers for them and their employees would be so appreciated.

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Lisa said...

Oh, that's just terrible. I am so sorry for all that your parents have to go through with this, and for their employees as well. I will certainly pray for them all.