Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not so fun vacation

SO we finally got ready to go on a little family mini vacay. Bags packed and we're off! We get to our destination 3 hours away in lovely Branson after a quick stop to play in the Buffalo River for a bit! The kids could have stayed there ALL day! They loved playing in the water and searching for crawfish under the rocks. So anyways, we get back on the road and finally arrive at the hotel. We had a bit of time before we were going to head for dinner, so we headed to the pool for a bit. All three of the kids absolutely love swimming. Paxton didn't have a floaty with him, so Brent and I had to hold him in the pool the whole time! That was tiring. After swimming we went to dinner at Olive Garen. One of Brent's favorite places to eat. Before dinner we had given the kids the option to go on to Silver Dollar City or to go see Cars2. They chose the movie, so we went there right after dinner. The movie was really cute. The kids all loved it. Paxton keeps telling everyone the line "Hey, McQueen, meet The Queen" It's too funny. After the movie we headed back to the room to get to bed since we were going to make a FULL day of Silver Dollar City the next day.

About 11 p.m. I started getting sickly. By 2:30 a.m. I was waking Brent to get him to go get me some medicine at a Walgreens that was up the road. I was miserable. I hurt SO bad. Finally about 3:30 a.m. was able to get to sleep but my early riser children had us up again at 6:45. I though I was feeling better so Brent took the kids down to breakfast while I got ready and got our room ready for us to leave. By the time he got back I was sick again. SO we headed to another pharmacy to try and find different meds. The pharmacist there told me I was the second person there that morning that had eaten at Olive Garden the night before and was now sick. YUCK! After my doctor called me in some meds, we ended up driving all the way back home. I was sick for 2 days! Oh my goodness. I have never been that sick in my whole life. Even today a week later, I'm still not one hundred percent. I'm so thankful that no one else got sick. I'm the only one that ate salad that night and my dinner. I'm so thankful that Paxton and I weren't sharing. He probably would have ended up in the hospital for dehydration.

SO that was our not so fun vacation! Brent heads back to work tonight and real life begins yet again!

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Lisa said...

Oh, that's just terrible! I'm glad you are feeling better now. And I am so glad no one else got sick!