Monday, March 7, 2011


We've had the sicknesses around here! I had strep a couple of weeks ago. Naia had a stomach. Naia's asthma has started acting up again. We're back on inhalers morning and night and an allergy pill at night as well. She's feeling much better already. Saturday afternoon Paxton started running fever. Ran 102 all weekend. Today it's been at 102.8 most of the day. Went to the dr. this morning and he apparently has the flu. Again. Not fun. No wonder he didn't really want to participate in our photo shoot Saturday afternoon! Poor baby. He's just laid around all day. We missed church yesterday and all he's wanted is his momma and his bankey. Such a sweet boy.


Lisa said...

Go away, sickness! Enough already! I hope you all are feling better really soon!!

Guy and Julie said...

On the bibs, I iron on a nice stiff fusible interfacing. You can buy it by the yard or sometimes you can find it pre-cut in the notions section of Hobby Lobby or Hancock's. I think it's a little cheaper by the yard, though. It works really well, and it makes it easier to sew the bibs together, too. Especially if you're using a flimsy fabric like satin or minky dots. And on the burp cloths, my favorite way to make them is to sew a strip of fabric horizontally on the end. It is much faster and doesn't use much fabric or ribbon. I can whip one up pretty quick. I don't have an embroidery machine, so it makes it easier to make a pretty gift without monogramming. I didn't know you sew--you'll have to post some pictures. It's always fun to look at other people's stuff and get ideas!!

Hope y'all get to feeling better. It's rough when everyone is sick!!!!!