Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Truth Be Told Tuesday

I've been wanting to steal this for awhile, so today I am!

The truth be told.....we probably watch way too much tv and have way too much computer time at our house! Paxton already knows that the remote can do magical things and can find Elmo no matter what part of Sesame Street is on. He knows I can completely change the channel to something else if he doesn't want to watch Dinosaur Train on PBS! Xavier could work the remote from a young 3 years old and could get up in the mornings without waking us up (remind you that at the time it was still just him) and get the tv to channel 2 to watch cartoons with no assistance! Naia is just now learning this task! She really doesn't watch too much tv. She's much more interested in coloring!

And it isn't just the kids. I know that I'm way worse than Brent! I'm the only one that actually gets out a schedule and goes through all the new shows coming on every year and see which ones I can watch if they don't interfere with anything that I already watch! I plan then set my DVR...how did I ever live without a DVR?!
And I'm on the computer a lot during the day. Although I have gotten better about this lately. Brent however, does love the computer. It's what he does while I watch all those DVR'd shows!

So that's the truth!

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Christine said...

YAY for TBT Tuesdays!! I hear you on the TV/DVR front... it's my guilty little pleasure!