Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Back...At least for a couple of days!

We have been so busy lately! We left for Mena Tuesday morning after a crazy busy weekend! We had Thanksgiving dinner with Brent's family on Saturday. Tons of people: tons of fun! It was nice to see everyone and it's the first time to have everyone together in several years! I don't have any pictures, but there were about 25 of us together!

This week we headed to Mena to celebrate with my family. Brent had to stay behind b/c of work, but the rest of us loaded up and headed out! I baked all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday. Then on Thursday, Paxton woke up with a stomach bug and I didn't have to do anything! Except hold a sickly baby. He was pretty much over it by the time "lunch" came around, but even tonight he's having yucky diapers so he's still not 100% over it yet. My mom and I went shopping for Black Friday, but honestly we were pretty put out by the whole thing. The deals weren't that great, the people weren't that great, and there were just WAY too many of those not so great people. We'll probably fore go the Black Friday Shopping from now on.

Now we're home. It's been a long and crazy week. Just so that I remember certain things I'm especially thankful for this year:
My salvation. I've learned a lot over the past year about just how grateful I am that I have a savior that loves me and is always there for me.
I'm so thankful this year that all my babies were home with me. Last year was tough b/c Paxton was halfway across the world from us. His first Thanksgiving was spent in his mismatched pj's b/c of the clothes changes from being sick. He looked pitiful all day, but I'm so thankful that he was there with me.
I'm so thankful for my patient husband. I know that he likes to gripe about how many pairs of shoes I own, but deep down he knows that I "need" them! He's patiend with me and the kids and I love him for it.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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