Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Bees

Do you ever worry about pleasing people other than yourself? Even change your mind to make others "happy" instead of doing something to make yourself happy? I know to an extent we should do this, put others ahead of ourselves, but not necessarily all of the time. I've not always been a people pleaser. I used to just do what I wanted, and didn't really care about what others thought. What a difference "growing up" makes in this area of my life. For my ministry in our church, I often sacrifice things that I would rather do, in order to please the most people. In my preschool department I make certain allowances to keep the peace not only with kids, but with parents as well! In the women's ministry, I find myself doing this more often, and I honestly don't mind it. I don't mind pleasing people. I love to serve. I've been told several times by a friend of mine that she's sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of time that I spend serving my God through our church. BUT I know this is my spiritual gift. I love nothing more than helping out a friend or those less fortunate than me. In a nutshell, I feel I was put here to serve others. On this blog however, I write for me. I write things that I feel, that I think, that I like, that I dislike. If you don't like it, please don't feel like you have to keep reading. Find another blog that fits you better to keep reading. To those of you that know me in real life and that just lurk or stalk and never comment and just talk about things that I write here to others, keep it to yourself. No one is asking you to read this or to blog stalk me.

That being said....I want you to know something "personal" about me! On Mondays, I clean. Before Paxton came, I cleaned my entire house from top to bottom every Monday before lunch time! Now, it's taking me all day, BUT it is getting done. I want to share with you guys a couple of products that I use that I love, and have no endorsements or anything like that with, I just really like them! AND then I want you to share with me products or cleaning items that you love and that make cleaning easier!

1. The Shark Euro Pro

I love this b/c I can use it on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. It does a great job, instead of sweeping, I use this and it gets dust as well. One drawback is that the battery doesn't last very long. Mabe 30-45 minutes or so. But it is much easier than sweeping!

2. Swiffer Wet Jet

I love this too! It's much easier than a mop and mop water! It too can be used on tile and hardwood floors, just make sure you get the correct cleaner! It's easy to get out for spills and easy cleanups, or for major mopping like was done at my house today!

So tell me, what products do you clean with? Anything that works better than these two things?!

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Dennis and Becky said...

I started to go all natural and use a lot of vinegar to clean. I make my own window cleaner, floor cleaner and all purpose cleaner. I love it because I do not need to be concerned about what chemicals are the chemicals that I use. The only thing that I would not part with is the scrubbing bubble foaming cleaner. Best thing. By the way. Way to go girl. I often wish I could say more of what I think.