Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Whoever says that staying home with your kids isn't "real" work, is sadly mistaken! School has started and we are going at full speed right now. It seems that after the Labor Day weekend, that everything falls into the fall routine. We started with the kids' after school activities last week and new Bible studies started as well. Xavier is taking karate. So far he's really liking it. We're making him make a one year committment to it. He did soccer two years ago and then part of last year. He finally decided that he didn't really enjoy it any more. That was fine with us! We didn't enjoy it either. He played Upward basketball last year and loved it. But it only takes up about 8 weeks in the winter and he wanted and needed something a little extra to do during most of the school year. So we've started this. It's really neat. It's christian based and he's learning Japanese!

Naia is becoming a ballerina! She started dance classes last week. Whether or not she ever becomes a skilled ballerina, she looks adorable in the outfit! Too cute! She did gymnastics last year, but it really didn't amount to much more than her running around turning flips for 45 minutes. So we're trying something else this year. So far she's loving it, if for nothing else than the outfit!

I started a new bible study at our house last week. We're doing a study by Leslie Parrott called You Matter More Than You Think. Our first session was last week. It went really good. After all the storms here last week b/c of Gustav, we only had 2 people show up, but this week is looking very promising. During the study we're supposed to journal about things, and I'm going to use the blog for this purpose, so if I bore you with the small details of our daily lives, I apologize!

Nothing has happened on the adoption front. We've not heard anything, nor has anyone else in a few weeks. Right now we're pretty disappointed. Not necessarily b/c we don't have a referral yet, but b/c there seems to be no activity right now in the referral department. We shall continue to wait though. And we have plenty on our plates to keep us busy in the meantime! Also, since we're obviously not going to travel in the next 4 months, Brent will get to work full outage at the plant and that will help in the finance department!

Football season has started. yay.......I actually don't mind it too much. I just get tired of watching several games on Sunday plus Monday nights, plus another week night. It just gets to be too much. But it does mean that fall is here and for that I'm happy! (Brent just informed me that there will now be not 1 but 2 Monday night games......!)

I guess this doesn't really have to do too much with being a stay at home mom, so I'm going to add just a little bit more.....
Naia started back to school last week. She goes 3 days a week now to a mother's day out program at a local church. She loves it. I love it. I used to use those days to have mommy time, but this year, since I know we will eventually have a baby, I'm using my time working at Xavier's school volunteering in his classroom. I worked there 2 days last week. On my 3rd day, it was grocery day. This week, I have a conference to attend with the other staff members at church and on Wednesday I'm sitting for a neighbor so she can volunteer at the boys' school for the day. It's a busy time for us, but if we're not busy we're usually bored, so I guess it works out well!

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Micah and Sunny said...

Glad to see your new post. I watch the blog constantly. I always thought the term "stay at home mom" was really really funny. Who really "stays at home" all day? They need to think of a new term.

I'm with ya' on the adoption front. On one hand, I am content to wait forever but would really just like to see some movement. God bless us in the patience, this is hard.

Good to hear from you, I love reading about just every day life so you aren't boring me at all!