Friday, September 12, 2008

Puppy Love

We have two dogs. Skillet is a long haired black & tan miniature dachshund and Lulu is a short haired reb boar miniature dachshund. At this time last year we didn't have Lulu. We had our beloved Sassy. A yorkie. With floppy ears that we rescued from a puppy mill. We loved her. She was the first pet that we bought together as a family. She disappeared last year right before Thanksgiving. It was a sad sad time for us. I still tear up when I think about her. She was the spunkiest and sassiest of all dogs! We got Skillet as a puppy and he and Sassy were the best of friends. He'd never been without her until she disappeared. After her disappearance, he got very depressed and territorial, which is completely unlike him. So 5 months later, we brought home Lulu. Now she has never been without Skillet. Where one is, the other is close by.

Last night before our Bible study started I was getting some last minute cleaning done. Brent had taken the kids to karate and the house was silent. Except for Skillet out on the front porch howling at something. Finally it go so bad, that I went out there and called him to come him, then I called for Lulu b/c she wasn't right there with him, but she didn't come. I immediately knew that she had probably gotten locked in the garage, b/c she isn't tall enough to set off the sensor and can get in at the last minute! As soon as Skillet got into the house, he raced for the door leading to the garage. He knew she was in there. I opened the door and he tumbled out to find his beloved. How sweet is that? They are so sweet together. I think they are soul mates!

I didn't have a picture of them together, but aren't they sweet?!


Micah and Sunny said...

How cute! This is getting serious, though....two blogs in one week...this is some serious busyness to keep the mind of baby...I know how these things work.

Your dogs are precious. We have decided that we are getting another one (ours died a year ago) after baby comes home and is settled. We agreed to get the opposite sex of what the sex of our new child is....that way they get a brother and a sister and everyone is happy ;)

Jessica said...

Awe! So cute!