Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Minute Details...

We are working on the last few things of summer before school starts next Monday. The kids both do extracurricular activities that have to be scheduled and organized. Thankfully, I'm not too late to sign them up for above mentioned activities! Naia's going to take dance/ballet this year and Xavier is going to take karate. We also have to get Naia's four year old shots next week. Not fun. The last time she had shots it was awful and that was over 2 years ago.

There is also tons about to start at church in September. I can't wait! Two new women's bible studies. One a Beth Moore study about the life of Paul called To Live is Christ. It should be really good. And another called You Matter More Than You Think by Dr. Leslie Parrott. We're hosting this one at our home and I really can't wait to start it. I love doing in home bible studies. We don't do them very often in our church so it will be nice to get going on that! On another note about church, I've decide not to teach our Jr. High SS class anymore. It's just time to let someone else take over there. I'm going to teach our 1 year old class this year. It worked out really well b/c we'll be in there for a while anyways when our new baby gets here b/c we won't leave them in the nursery for a good while. SO I might as well serve a purpose back there while I sit and play with our baby! It will be exciting b/c I've never worked with the babies classes before. I've always done youth! Hopefully there won't be near the backtalk!

I love it when school starts. It gets up back into a routine that we really thrive in! Things in the summer get too sluggish for us! We all love the routine of knowing what's going to happen during the week! One more week of sleeping late though! I think that'll be the hardest thing for me!

John Samuel & Xavier at Circus at school last year. Too cute. We live right behind them and there's a creek between our houses. The boys have played together most of the summer building what both mother's hope to be a lifelong friendship!

Kailie & Naia at Naia's birthday party! They're cousins and absolutely love each other.

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Yvonne and Eric said...

Yay - 2 more referrals! That means you're soooo close to seeing your baby's face - can't wait!