Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Lately I've been praying for patience concerning our kids. It's summer time here and we're home most of the day every day. We can get a little stir crazy. I've been trying to not get angry over little things. We've been using timeout with Naia per our adoption agencies rules for new adopted children. We don't want her to think that we treat her and the new baby any differently, so we've cut back(and I think I make it sound like a lot, but it's not, I Promise!!!!) on spanking and only using it as a very last resort. Every night, when the house is quiet I start to pray. I pray that I will have patience with my kids. That I won't overreact to little things. That they are just kids. That I have to teach them to do things the correct way, the way that I want them done. I can't just expect them to know exactly what I want. I know that people say when you pray for patience that God's going to send really annoying people for you to practice with! I've really been expecting the kids to overly drive me nutty, but amazingly they haven't been too bad! It's been a pretty good week so far!

I just finished watching an Adoption Story. I think my eyes stayed teared up the entire show! I can't believe that will be us in (keep your fingers and toes crossed) less that 8 months. We will be the ones that are struggling with a baby that doesn't know us from Adam, that wants someone that knows exactly what he wants. That will be us, exhausted, exhilarated, and completely stressed from being on a plan for 14 hours or more! (I'm not real big on flying...)
I can't wait!!!


Nathan and Emily said...

That show makes me cry every time! Hope the wait isn't much longer!

Micah and Sunny said...

I wish I had that show....well, then again maybe not. It seems I am on the verge of tears alot lately as I think about baby.

Let me know when you have the whole patience thing figured out :) It is fun to be home with the kiddos though. Exhausting. Fun, nonetheless.

Can't wait to be letting you in on good news that will be hopefully coming both our ways very soon.

Sunny k