Friday, June 6, 2008

Nona can we apologize in the front yard?

So the kids are at my mom's house for a few days! It's been incredibly peaceful around the house! Yesterday my mom had her hands full b/c not only did she have Naia and Xavier she had my brother's little girl Kailie there as well. Kailie is 3 1/2, just 6 months younger than Naia. They were wild! They either love each other or really get on each others' nerves! Well yesterday they were really getting on each others' nerves b/c my mom called me at 9:30 to tell me about their morning! After a good lunch and a nap, the girls were much better. They were outside playing and Naia came in and asked mom, "Nona, can we apologize in the front yard?" My mom said "What?" Naia replied, "You know, apologize, dig in the dirt?" My mom finally quit laughing and said, "Yes you can dig in the dirt!"

How funny is that? Naia's been trying to use such big words lately. Her favorite word about year ago was disgusting. Everything was disgusting! Oh she wants to be a "big girl" so bad. She can't wait for when the new baby gets here b/c she will officially get to be the big sister. This is something very important to her. She already tells me what she's going to do to help with the baby. Not the gross stuff of course, big brother Xavier gets to help with that stuff!

I read on another blog about someone trying to teach a four year old about adoption. Naia's around it all the time, so maybe that's why she understands it a little bit more. We were talking about the baby a few days ago and Naia said "But our baby will have another mommy & daddy first. She won't come from your tummy mommy." I'm so thankful that God is preparing her already for the difference of how this baby is coming to join our family.


Leigh said...

Nothing like watching a big sister or brother in the making. They are so precious!

Hope you hear some news soon!

Steve, Kristen and Sophie said...

Hi there! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog - it's great to read your adoption journey and to be a part of the Dillon family together! Your kiddos are so precious and I can't wait to hear the news that you have your much-anticipated referral!