Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We're official!

Today we were officially accepted into our adoption program! It's very exciting! The acceptance also came with some apprehension. As most everyone knows, there are some problems with the Vietnam adoption process. Changes have already been made to certain forms. There is a huge meeting this week with JCICS(i can't remember what it stands for, but google it i'm sure it'll come up!). JCICS is responsible for investigating adoption practices and proceedures and reporting back to the US. They will ultimately to decide whether or not the US should allow adoption to proceed. Please be in prayer for this group of people on the decision that they will make. Pray that they will have the wisdom they need to make the best choice for the children in Vietnam.

So, now we get application part two! From what we've heard this consists of our own autobographies, several family photos and photos of our home, family, etc., and lengthy paperwork as well! Hopefully we can get all this turned in before next Friday! We'll see what happens though when we actually get the papers in our hands and see just how extensive the paperwork is!


Laura said...

Welcome to the world of paperchasing! We brought our daughter, Reagan, home from Ninh Thuan in May and are always thrilled to see another Dillon family starting the process. We also have two bio kids and would love to help if you have any questions - momwholoveschrist@hotmail.com

jjm said...

Congrats on part two! Where in AR are you? We live in Little Rock.