Thursday, November 8, 2007

My God is an awesome God.

Well we did send off our application today. At 9:15 this morning. We've been so excited all day. Tonight I was surfing the web and just thought I'd check out agency's website again just to look around some more. There was a new note on the Vietnam page saying they were no longer accepting applications for the Vietnam program. I immediately broke down. I just started crying and praying; knowing that there are going to be ups and downs and I really didn't want a down this early on in our adoption process. So while I'm crying, I'm praying. Knowing that God was in control of it. So in the midst of crying and praying, I emailed Brent at work and the Vietnam program director. For the next 20 minutes or so, I just prayed and cried and cleaned! So then I get back on the computer and there's an email from Jynger. She said they're still accepting applications for the next couple of weeks. So this was totally a God thing. Last night in our women's Bible study there was a question asking if we could remember a time when God immediately answered a prayer. Last night I couldn't remember a time when this had happened. I jokingly said, "Maybe I should be praying different!" Well tonight I was definitely broken. I poured my heart to God. And He immediately answered my prayers tonight.

So after all this, I talked to Brent. He says I'm already too attached. I probably am. I've already been praying for our baby. Praying for his safety and his birth parents. In one moment all of that came crashing down. Keep praying for us. Pray for our baby. Be understanding and don't be condescending. Help me stay positive and not worry so much!


Leigh said...

Welcome! I saw your post over on Heather's site and thought I'd greet you.

I am glad you've got your application off. As you may know if you've been surfing, there have been some unsettling developments with Vietnam adoptions in the last couple of weeks. I'd say, don't get discouraged and don't believe everything you read out there. If you have questions, post in the Dillon forum or call Jynger or Katie.

Good luck!

Heather said...


I saw your question about our timeline. I'm afraid mine won't be much help because we were one of the first 5 Dillon families to travel after adoptions resumed. Our longest part of the wait was waiting for the license to be issued. The referral came the next day. I can tell you that we waited 5 months from referral to travel, but just under 3 months from LID (log-in date)to travel. I'm sorry that isn't more helpful. We were in a very unique situation. Best wishes to you!