Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Deer Camp

Naia Papaw and Paxton at deer camp. The little kids had to take turns staying at camp. Naia went hunting and shot at a 12 point but missed.  Paxton got to take the bb gun in the deer stand and lasted about 20 minutes! He was afraid of the height!  Papaw was a trooper though!
This is the so called "road" that led to the camp. 3 miles up the side of a mountain....No wonder the lights in my car came on from a loose gas cap.

This is Paxton before he left for camp. He had to wait all day long for his turn! He was dressed and ready to go pretty early that morning!
I never saw Xavier at camp.  The time I was there he was still hunting. He ended up getting his first legal buck. A 6 point! He was so proud! 

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