Friday, November 1, 2013

All Things Halloween and Fall time related; a belated post

Paxton had his first field trip last week. He went to the pumpkin patch. Isn't he adorable?

Here he is on the hay ride with one of his friends!
Cutest Sunflower ever!


They got to learn about mining at the pumpkin patch. Here he is sifting sand to find his treasure.

Pumpkin carving with this boy is never dull!
I didn't even have to touch a pumpkin gut this year! They all diligently cleaned out their own pumpkins and then Brent helped them with the designs.

Paxton very carefully saved as many seeds as he could because he wanted to roast them.  We doused them in butter and cinnamon and brown sugar and he thought they were pretty yummy! 

Finished products.

Naia with her baby Toby while he's dressed up as Elmo.

This is Paxton talking about getting a mustache. It's just funny!

He was sick on crazy hair day, so he stayed home in his jammies all day with a faux hauk.

This is mustache day! The kids celebrated homecoming week and drug free week at school this week. They loved their staches!

These are my new glasses! They make me look very school marmish and I love them.
Trick or Treat.

We can do it.

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