Sunday, August 4, 2013

AR Travs

This past Friday night we went to an AR Travelers game.  We love to go about once or twice a year.  Great family fun!
After the game the kids can run the bases.  We dropped the kids off in the run line and headed over to the 3rd base line for pick up. Somewhere along the way Paxton decided he didn't want to run the bases but it was too late.......SO Big Brother Xavier had to run while carrying him all around the bases!  When he got to me he was just boo hooing. Poor baby!

We went with Brent's brother and his family. This is Naia's bestie and cousin Karter! Sharing a snocone!

Before the game we got autographs. Of these two players. We don't know who they are! haha

The first 1000 fans got free thunder sticks upon entry! Our kids are still playing with theirs! This is Naia and Karter waiting for autographs!
That pretty much sums up our weekend.  It's stormy and rainy here tonight so we're just having a night  in!

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