Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2nd Brown Belt in the house

This past Saturday Xavier had testing for his first black stripe on his brown belt in karate.  Two more black stripes and he'll be a black belt.  Very exciting for this boy!

This is him after working on his kata's.  He had to be able to do every kata he has learned in the past 6 years! And just for fun they made him do the nine step which is the very first thing they learn!

Working hard.
Waiting to start self defense.

Working with Mr. Bobby. I really liked the way that he explained everything to Xavier before doing it. Here he is telling Xavier exactly how to defend himself in the situation coming up. 
Here's Xavier defending himself in the maneuver.

This is Xavier and Mr. Kyle. His regular instructor.  Xavier is almost as big as Mr. Kyle so he didn't take it too easy on him!

Xavier did great!  Mr. Kyle goes to church with us, so he was having a bit of fun with Xavier. If you look closely he's trying to laugh at something!

This is the whole group that tested. 

Beat up and worn out! So proud of him!

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